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The Audi Q7 - Perfect For A Family Road Trip?

Here in the UK we love our SUVs, more than 30,000 of them are being sold each month and rising, while traditional cars have been in decline for some years.

The Audi Q7 was one of the pioneers in the category and has been around for almost a decade.

The Q7 is one of the original “Chelsea Tractors" huge cars for wealthy people an offroader that’ll never be used as such unless you count as “offroading” driving up your driveway.

The lastest Q7 model continues to be one of the most recognizable cars on UK roads, and also one of the most visible, because it’s so damn big.

How big? Enough to have you watching the hedges carefully on country roads, because you take up so much width, at just shy of 2 metres wide and a full five metres long.

Some people say driving a car this size make them feel safer but the danger is you end up feeling like you're encroaching on other drivers’ space, especially on smaller two-way roads.

But on the bigger motorways and autoroutes it’s a supremely enjoyable cruise.

As a family car for holiday and road trips it's perfect and here's why:

Size is everything

Capable of carrying seven people with the two rear seats folded up, or, on a weekend away, all the stuff you could possibly need, with space for other people’s stuff as well.

It’s extremely comfortable and combines Audi engineering with a sense of luxury, fun, and solidity.

On the open road, it has solid handling and a lovely touch of grunt

The handling is solid, reassuring, and easy. The Q7 isn’t, after all, what you buy when you want an exciting ride. It’s a family car, and handles suitably so. But when you do get a chance to gun it, it’s fun. 

A couple of warnings. Because cruising is silky smooth, it can be too easy to end up speeding. And with a car this size, you need to confident with the brake. 

Fuel consumption is incredibly low

With a full tank, it was taken on a 190km round trip and only used 1/4 of a tank. Stop/Start technology helps to keep fuel comsumption economical too.

Stylish electronics that, mercifully, work

These days people expect sophisticated electronic devices to just work, without having to read an instruction manual or fiddle around much. 

With the Q7 you are able to connect your phone quickly, listen to music and take calls easily without really having to figure out anything. The system on the central dash was easy to navigate and it's smart parking technology is a dream.

The seats are easy to control and adjust, and it allows you to have different preset driving setups for different drivers through a panel on the driver’s door.


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