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All new cars are concieved and created in Lotus' 'Lightweight Laboratory'

How Lotus Slims Down 

Using a lightweight aluminium bonded chassis with composite body panels and little to no creature comforts, Lotus manages to shave off enough weight to look like it had been on an extreme diet.

The image above shows one of the cars bare components, engineers stared at it stroking thier chins as they worked out how to slice away unnecessary lbs.

 Weight savings which totalled the range-wide 207kg cull include:

  • Aluminium tubs Elise/Exige chassis now weighs 68kg
  • Carbonfibre Evora Sport 410 saves 70kg through carbonfibre
  • Lithium-ion batteries Saving 10kg
  • Carbon sports seats Slicing 6kg from mass
  • Louvred rear window Trims 3kg on Exige Sport 350
  • Slimmer body panels Cuts 12kg by slimmer bodywork
  • Forged alloy wheels Latest Elise uses 5kg lighter rims

Colin Chapman, founder of Lotus famously said, "Adding power makes you faster on the straights, subtracting weight makes you faster everywhere," and that type of thinking has become part of Lotus DNA.


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