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In the trailer released this month Lightning McQueen has to contend with electric racers......

This is a trailer for the all new Cars 3 and it features a narrative that reflects the motoring industry’s present-day predicament.

No, not the predicament that self-driving cars will elevate themselves t new heights and enslave mankind making us as nothing more than flabby, obsolete blobs. But the ultimate petrolhead predicament: good, old-fashioned dirty combustion engine, or silent, slightly spooky electric energy?

In the latest Cars instalment, Owen Wilson’s McQueen must do battle with “a new kind of super-fast racers”. We’re told on good faith he’s “shoved out of the sport he adores” (literally, as the trailer above demos - talk about leaving the racing line), and must ask for the help of his close friends to get back in the saddle.

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