June 15, 2016 at 10:56 AM

There are some moments in your driving life that are a little bit more special than the routine and conventional. It is possible escape reality just by driving a few miles around the UK. But which roads are UK's top driving roads right now? Autochoice made it's research and ended up with the following top 5 road choices of UK as they stand right now.


The Black Mountain Pass, Wales

First up is the Black Mountain Pass, the A4069, which runs like a glistening tarmac snake through North Wales. First coming to wider attention when it was featured on the popular version of Top Gear, the traffic here is busier than it used to be but speed cameras ensure responsible driving for all.

The location of the Black Mountain Pass on the west side of the Brecon Beacons National Park says it all when it comes to the landscape that races past your window on this road. Crossing a distance of 27 miles from its Gwaun-Cae-Gurwen start to the finish at Llangadog there are corners aplenty to enjoy your car.


The A272, England

Heading into England gives another example of pure driving pleasure. Though not quite the devastating scenery offered in our previous pick the A272 between Uckfield and Winchester gives you typical, picture-postcard England.

Crossing the Sussex Weald and meandering through river valleys such as the Ouse and Itchen the A272 rises and falls from just 30 feet above sea level to an alp of 600 feet before descending into Winchester. Traffic can be busy and safety initiatives crop up in the villages but for a smooth scenic route it certainly delivers.


The A57, England

Staying in England is another example of tarmac heaven and, in reality, there are plenty of fantastic roads here in the Peak District. Worthy of particular note though is Snake Pass, the A57, which climbs peaks and drops dales on its route between Manchester and Sheffield. Sightseeing aplenty then but traffic can be heavy with late winter and early spring mornings the best times to cruise through these parts.


The Moffat Loop, Scotland

No discussion about the best drives in the UK and why you should drive on these roads would be complete without Scotland entering the mix and the first pick is the Moffat Loop at Dumfries and Galloway.

Taking in the Highlands and the best this breathtaking landscape has to offer, it ascends to 1000 feet above sea level, offers drama with its river and loch following route dipping and bending and has that evocative racetrack feeling. It will offer a challenge; so good driving skills are needed but for the bold the quiet stretches of road will be bliss.


The A87, Scotland

The fifth and final road in this countdown is the A87. Also in the Scottish Highlands and stretching for 100 miles between Invergarry and the Isle of Skye, the A87 it is ideal for those wanting to experience a mix of road types with peace and solitude in large measure. Caution is needed during winter drives, however.