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Car servicing is incredibly important for more reasons than you might think. A car that is serviced regularly, in line with the cars service schedule, can help the car run as smoothly as possible throughout its life which reduces consumption, wear and tear and reduce the amount of costly maintenance the car requires over its life.

Importance of Servicing your Car

Skipping a service or delaying it might seem like a way to save some money but it can be a false economy as it is likely to lead to reducing the lifespan of some of the cars key components. Servicing your car on time could be the difference between low cost and high cost motoring.

Most modern cars require servicing every year or two (if you have had the car setup for long life servicing) or between every 8,000-12,000 miles. This can vary, depending on the car, manufacturer guidelines and what your typical car use looks like.

Most important of all the items taken care of in a service is the oil change. Modern car service schedules typically have an interim service, which covers the oil change, and a full service which repeats this and much more. The reason this is so important is that the engine is built up of metal components moving and rubbing against one another, without clean oil, these parts can grind and wear and lead to part or total engine failure.

Weight that up against the cost of a new car and servicing seems like a no brainer!

Types of Service

Typically, there are two main types of service in a cars service schedule: an interim service (commonly called the oil change service) or a full/main service. They usually alternate so you are getting a full service every second visit to your garage.

Oil Check

Interim Services

This is a small service which typically includes a visual inspection of the main working parts of the car along with an oil change, oil filter change and commonly a check on all fluid levels and tyre pressures.

This is also an opportunity for the mechanic to let you know if anything needs attention or is going to soon. You might get some guidance towards when you may need to replace tyres or brakes for example. And, if you’re lucky and go to the right garage, you might even get your car washed!!

Full / Main Services

A full service covers everything in your interim service typically and adds to this with much more in depth inspection of the vehicle. Things like your air filter may be replaced if it is in the schedule, anti-freeze/coolant is topped up or replaced and mechanical fluids like gearbox and clutch fluids may be topped up or replaced.

The exact details of your main service will change depending on your car model and its age. Some parts may have a suggested replace date, such as timing belts which typically, on older cars for example, will be scheduled at around 60,000 miles. This is essential maintenance when required, a broken timing belt could write off your engine!

Again, an inspection to assess the vehicles overall health will be undertaken to see if there is anything big or small that needs to be replaced. This can pick up simple things like wiper blades or much larger working parts of the car.

In summary, there are so many reasons to get your car serviced at regular intervals it’s hard to argue against them. Regular servicing will save money in the long run, reducing consumption and prolonging car parts, ensure your car is safe and as important as anything, the car will feel better to drive and ride in.

Servicing at Autochoice Bristol

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