April 15, 2016 at 12:43 PM

These car cleaning tips will help you maintain your vehicle in sparkling condition inside and out. Taking your vehicle through a car wash on a regular basis is not recommended as many car owners claim commercial car wash systems can cause damage to paintwork or the vehicle.

It's simple to keep your car looking great and after all, it does not take as much time as you think it does.

Cleaning the Interior of your Car

Keeping the inside of your vehicle tidy and getting rid of rubbish or litter on a regular basis maintains a neat appearance at all times.

Follow these tips if you want to thoroughly clean the inside of your car:

  • Clear up any litter and rubbish in the car by hand. Aside from being a great oppurtunity to find some extra cash, this will make sure nothing too large is left behind for vacuming,
  • Clean the car mats while they are outside of the vehicle and before you get to washing. This will give your mates time to dry off and makes sure you're not movingdirt around newly cleaned areas.
  • Use a powerful vacuum cleaner to clean the car's interior thoroughly, along with an interior brush. A brush on your carpets, especially in areas that are hard to reah, will loosen debris from your carpet and make hovering easier. Pay attention to all nooks and crannies and if possible, use a nozzle on your hoover that allows as much access to the in-between areas as possible.
  • Use commercial windscreen cleaning products to shine up all the interior windows and upholstery cleaners to clean seating. You need your windows to be as clear as possible so they don't cause excess glare, reflections or fogging. If the carpet needs a thorough clean, commercial carpet cleaners or warm, soapy water will give it a new lease of life.
  • Finally, use trim cleaning products on a damp cloth to wipe down the dashboard, steering wheel and all fascia panels and window trim. 

If your car needs a thorough spring clean and freshen up these tips may help:

  • When dust has settled in AC vents and other areas, use a small foam brush or paint brush to clean it out, at the same, time keep the vacuum cleaner turned on and the nozzle close by to pick up dust as it's removed
  • Use a toothbrush and warm soapy water to remove ingrained dirt from vinyl or fabric upholstery
  • Olive oil is great for conditioning any leather on the dash or trims

Cleaning the Outside of a Vehicle

A hosepipe is recommended to clean the outside of your car, where possible as you want to remove all the dirt and grime you have released when cleaning, along with any remaining soap or cleaning products. If you don't have access to a hosepipe, several buckets of cold water will be needed to rinse the vehicle before and after it's been cleaned.

  • Use the hosepipe to clean debris and dirt from the exterior of the car.
  • Fill a bowl with warm, soapy water and use a sponge to clean every bit of the outside area of the car. Proprietary car shampoos are the best cleaning option, but household products can be used.
  • Use alloy cleaner or wheel cleaner to thoroughly clean out the car wheels.
  • Hose the car down with cold water again.
  • Dry off the car using a chamois leather to avoid any streaking in the paintwork.
  • Polish and buff the car's paintwork using a polish and buff pad to add a shine.
  • Apply car wax to give the final touches to the paintwork and also add a layer of protection against the elements and damage. When doing so, try to avoid waxing or using any chemical compounds for paintwork in direct sunlight or intense heat, as it may effect the products quality or effectiveness.

We know, cleaning a car is not an easy job. It requires time, patience and sometimes even skill. It shows your love, passion and appreciation towards your vehicle. Using the best techniques and the best car cleaning products will help you take your car’s condition to the next level.

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